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Image Quality
This parameter specifically pertains to JPEG, WEBP, PNG, and HEIC image formats. By increasing the quality setting, the image will have less compression and result in a larger file size. Conversely, by decreasing the quality setting, the image will have more compression and result in a smaller file size.

About the image converter tools

What is a JPG?

JPEG, better known as JPG, is a widely-utilized image file type. This lossy compression approach lessens the size of image files by abandoning insignificant data in regard to the general look of the image. Generally, the file size is smaller compared to other image file types, enabling it to be more effortlessly distributed and saved online. JPEG files can be opened and displayed on the majority of electronic devices and image software programs.

What is a PDF?

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a digital file type developed by Adobe in the 90s and is now among the most common formats for documents. PDFs can store text, images, and other elements, while preserving their format and appearance no matter which device or platform they're being viewed on. This makes them the go-to format for resumes, contracts, and e-books as they can be quickly printed, shared, and accessed. These files can be generated from various sources, including word processors, web pages, and even scanned copies.

Why Convert JPG to PDF ?

Easily converting JPG to PDF convert documents can be done in tools online. With the help of the "JPG to PDF convert" feature, users can effortlessly craft documents with a professional feel - such as e-books, presentations or reports - which can then be easily shared and seen across different devices. Through this function, users can eliminate the tedious need to manually copy and paste pictures into a PDF file. offers this capability without cost, making it an excellent selection for either business or personal utilization.

Also converting JPG images to various formats is a simple process that can be done using online tools such as "JPG to PDF convert", "JPG to PNG convert", and "JPG to AI convert" many more. With these tools, users can easily convert their JPG images into different formats, depending on their needs

The max upload size is limited to 100MB

The server has an automatic feature that deletes images older than 1 hour upon each new upload.

How to convert?‚Äč
  1. To convert an image, upload the image to the converter tool.
  2. Select the output format you desire from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click "Convert." Allow the conversion to complete.
  4. Press "Download" to save the converted image.
  5. For multiple images, press "Download ZIP" to get all the images at once.
  6. When you're done and wish to convert another image, click "Convert another image" and go through the same steps again.

With our user-friendly and reliable image converter tool, converting images is quick and hassle-free.